With a raging global pandemic, a barrage of natural disasters and incendiary social issues boiling all around us, leaders today face unprecedented challenges. Those tied too closely to traditional ways of operating will be hampered in their search for success in an environment steeped in volatility and uncertainty. In contrast, leaders who focus on new ideas, opportunities, products and processes coupled with strategic business model innovations will advantageously leverage their dynamic leadership capabilities. Using research and case studies, Schoemaker and colleagues (2018) examined how business model innovations, dynamic capabilities, and strategic leadership intertwine to help leaders thrive in volatile and uncertain times.  Their conclusions identified 6 needed leadership skills:

Anticipate. Leaders who anticipate:
-Look for game-changing information
-Search beyond current boundaries
-Build wide networks to help them scan the horizon

Challenge.  Critical thinkers question everything. They tend to:
-Reframe problems to understand root causes and challenge current beliefs and mind-sets
-Uncover hypocrisy, manipulation, and bias

Interpret.  Strategic leaders synthesize information from many sources before developing a viewpoint. Savvy sense makers:
-Seek to understand patterns from multiple data points and sources
-Engage others to weigh, filter, and develop insights
-Check for decision biases and test multiple hypotheses

Decide.  Strategic leaders use process and discipline to arrive at a “good enough” position. They:
-Carefully frame the decision and approach
-Balance speed, rigor, quality, and agility
-Make commitments even with incomplete information

Align.  Leaders must foster open dialogue and engage key stakeholders, especially when views diverge. An alignment-focused leader:
-Understands what drives diverse agendas
-Ensures tough issues surface to pinpoint misalignment
-Provide a compelling strategic vision

Learn.  Leaders must embrace and encourage feedback, viewing both success and failure as sources of critical insight. Learning leaders:
-Encourage and exemplify transparent, rigorous debriefs
-Stay agile and course-correct quickly if off track
-Celebrate success and the right kind of failure

Schoemaker, P. J. H., Heaton, S., & Teece, D. (2018). Innovation, Dynamic Capabilities, and
Leadership. California Management Review61(1), 15–42.