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Dr. Paul Schempp’s ground-breaking research on expertise has made him a much sought after keynote for professional associations and corporate conferences committed to improving performance. As the author of numerous books and articles on elite performance,  Dr. Paul is highly renowned as the expert on developing expertise in business, sports and life.

5 Steps to Expert: How to Go From Business Novice to Elite Performer by Dr. Paul G. Schempp (Author)

5 star book rating from Amazon!
5 star book rating from Amazon
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5 Steps to Expert
How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer

by Dr. Paul Schempp

Every elite performer–from Tiger Woods to Richard Branson–begins their journey to mastery at the beginning: establishing a set of deliberate practice activities that are tightly coordinated and focused sequentially on improving specific aspects of performance, one step at a time.

Drawing from the latest, breakthrough research of the characteristics that define expert or elite performers, 5 Steps to Expert provides a detailed roadmap for anyone who aspires to advance from their present level of competence to a higher level of performance and the leaders, managers, and HR coaches charged with improving individual competence and organizational competitiveness.

“Exceptional! Expert is defined in a combination of three words and using the experts lens to practically apply the learning to your great dreams, visions, goals, missions, and aspirations. Concisely written and well researched.”

Raj Gavurla, Author of Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools workbooks

“5 Steps to Expert is just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Paul Schempp has produced a “manual” for anyone to follow from novice to expert. This book is well written, easy to read and free of the usual “business babble” readers typically have to plow through to gain an understanding of the author’s message. Further Dr. Schempp’s methods are based on his many years of research coaching sports figures. After reading 5 Steps to Expert, you’ll come away with an understandable and doable step-by-step plan to achieve success and become the expert others will envy.”

Diane Bogino, Author Finding Your Bootstraps: 11 Steps to Overcoming Thinking & There's Something Funny About Humor in Presentations

“If you are interested in helping your organization move their competencies higher and higher in a systematic way, this book is for you (and them). You will get the tools, insight and expert perspective needed to move you and your organization to the next level and the next level after that by applying the principles in “5 Steps to Expert.”

Dominic Carubba, CPT, Director, Center for Performance Solutions, Atlanta, GA

“5 Steps to Expert is a must read for anyone who is serious about personal or professional improvement. Not only is this book insightful and well written, but also impeccably researched! Dr. Paul Schempp draws upon his more than 20 years of experience in the field, weaves in the most current and useful findings about expertise, and offers real life examples from business, sports, and other areas of achievement. This book delivers a process that will help you evaluate your actual (as opposed to imagined) level of expertise in your field, then take deliberate steps to become better. The exercises and assessment tools are very well-designed, honing in upon specific steps for strengthening one’s experience, knowledge, and skills.”

Dan Thurmon, President, Motivation Works

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