An interesting study with 17 executives sought to discover how these leaders engaged their staff and inspired employees to go above and beyond in their work (Yanchus, Brower, & Osatuke, 2020). The interviews yielded specific, actionable best practices. Most salient among these actions were

  • leaders’ visibility and accessibility to staff,
  • supporting supervisors
  • sponsoring employee leadership development
  • emphasizing the importance of employee input.

Based on the leaders’ insights and practices, the researchers also provided best practice suggestions for other organizational members.

Managers: Engage employees by listening to their ideas, promoting action planning at the workgroup level, and creating a safe atmosphere for employee voice. Be open to executives’ ideas and actions around engagement.

Supervisors: Listen to staff ideas. Support staff projects. Fully involve staff in all action planning. Create a psychologically safe environment. Communicate the vision or mission of the organization and executive leader and tie staff improvement efforts and ideas into this.

Employees: Be willing to engage in your work. Be an active player in how the organization moves forward and improves. Get involved in professional growth opportunities.


Yanchus, N. J., Brower, C. K., & Osatuke, K. (2020). The Role of Executives in Driving Engagement. Organization Development Journal38(3), 87–99.