Research finds team success and member engagement highly correlated (Muddle, 2020).   Increasing team success, therefore, means increasing member engagement. Highly productive team members are often those with the highest levels of engagement.  That is, members who most strongly believe in the team’s mission and participate in success-oriented activities are those who make the biggest contributions to the team  A driving force behind engagement is leadership.

So what do leaders of successful teams do to increase member engagement? 

1. Take and instill pride in the organization and its’ members. 

2. Display a sense of command and confidence.

3. Go beyond self-interest for the good of the organization

4. Discuss their most important values and beliefs with team members.

5.  Link member reward and recognition with high-quality member performance.


Muddle, G. R. (2020). The Relationship between Leadership Style and Employee Engagement.  Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 15(4), 42–55.