Teamwork is the collaborative effort of team members in effectively executing the individual and collective actions necessary to achieve a team’s intended purposes (McEwan & Beauchamp, 2014). Research has identified teamwork as a significant effectiveness factor in business, sports, health care, military, and academic settings (LePine, Piccolo, Jackson, Mathieu, & Saul, 2008).  A recent study finds that when team members perceive their group to work well together, satisfaction with team performance increases as does perceptions of team cohesion and collective efficacy (McEwan, 2019). In other words, those who perceive that members of their team work effectively together have a greater feeling of unity around their team’s goals as well as greater satisfaction with their team’s performance.

Interestingly, team members who feel a collective sense of teamwork also feel a deeper level of satisfaction with their individual performance. Additionally, those on teams working well together also reported a greater enjoyment in participating in team activities and tasks and, in turn,  developed a deeper commitment to their team.

Having group members working well together promotes team cohesion (the extent to which team members are united around their group objectives), efficacy (the confidence a team has in its collective abilities to perform team tasks), and, ultimately, team results. The research results are clear; effective teamwork promotes increased: (a) satisfaction with one’ s individual performance, (b) enjoyment of team tasks and c) commitment to the team’s mission, and ultimately, d) team success (McEwan, 2019).


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