Teaching Sport and Physical Activity

teaching sport and physical activity

Insights on the Road to Excellence

by Paul Schempp
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Book Description

Explains the specialized teaching skills needed by teachers and coaches

• Presents essential techniques and strategies that all successful instructors use

• Provides real-life success stories from master teachers and coaches in diverse settings

Becoming a great teacher requires extensive learning and prolonged practice. Teaching Sport and Physical Activity blends practical suggestions and contemporary research to provide a blueprint for successful sport instruction at any level and in any setting.

Teaching Sport and Physical Activity reveals the techniques and strategies that all successful teachers and coaches use to help their students and athletes achieve success. It covers

• how to create stimulating learning environments,
• how to form effective relationships with students,
• how to teach motor skills,
• how to manage the lesson time and resources to aid students’ learning,
• how to maintain a dynamic pace of instruction, and
• how to master other indispensable skills that apply no matter what sport is being taught.

The book includes these special student-friendly features:

• Engaging sidebar stories from well-known teachers and coaches highlight key themes and demonstrate how master teachers address a wide array of common teaching challenges.

• End-of-chapter discussion questions will stimulate class discussion and allow readers to apply their opinions to the ideas and advice just learned.

• Twelve appendixes provide sample forms that readers can reproduce or customize. These forms cover everything from short- and long-range lesson plans to take-home practice diaries, from teacher-student “contracts” to observation forms and PE Web sites.

Regardless of the particular sport or setting, anyone who wishes to teach sports to others will find that the road to excellence begins here, with the fundamentals of Teaching Sport and Physical Activity.

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