Dr. Paul G. Schempp

Paul Schempp is an expert on expertise. Applying cutting-edge research, he solves the practical problems in achieving superior performance.

Meet Paul

What It Takes

Paul reveals the true inspirations of real life experts and eye-opening research to show you how to fill your organization with elite performers.

Key Presentations

Make It Happen

Planning an event that will make a difference for your business is a tall order. You want something that will be a memorable experience and have a positive, long-term impact for your participants.

How to Hire Paul

Paul Schempp offers insight into Peak Performance

Learn how his dedication and experience has helped other businesses.

Renewed Enthusiasm. Performance Promoting Pointers. New Ideas.

Paul Schempp is a dedicated keynote speaker who expressively shares his own experience and research on performance and expertise to help individuals and organizations identify their strengths to gain exceptional direction and success. When you hear Paul share his insights and stories you will
  • Understand the progressive steps in becoming an expert
  • Identify and enhance skills that most impact performance
  • Analyze situations and identify key cues leading to potent decision making
  • Engage decision making processes that are efficient, accurate and innovative.
5 Steps to Expert Book by Paul Schempp

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